Everything we do at Leavitt Institute revolves around

the family. The family provides the primary context for

understanding how individuals relate to others and how

they think and behave.

Leavitt Institute for Marriage & Family is a counseling, research, training and educational institute with locations in both Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Our mission is to make counseling more easily available to more people.  Leavitt Institute is dedicated to providing affordable counseling for individuals, couples, and families.  We help others improve mental health, heal relationships, and grow as individuals and families.  We help enhance the connection and loving bond between partners, expand on their divine nature and enhancing their capacity to provide for the emotional needs of their children. The Leavitt Institute provides marriage enhancement workshops, family and individual counseling, group psychotherapy, couple counseling, adolescent counseling, support groups and online counseling—all within a relational/familial context or frame of reference.