Introducing the Center for Learning and Light Lab

by Institute for Family | Jan 12, 2024

Supporting family well-being through holistic learning and online resources.


In a momentous stride towards redefining the landscape of family well-being, child welfare, and advocacy, the Institute for Family is thrilled to unveil two groundbreaking initiatives: the Center for Learning and the Light Lab. These distinct projects represent a commitment to fostering positive change and creating inclusive spaces for families, professionals, and advocates to build their skills and increase their capacity to help families remain intact, happy, healthy safe and thriving.

The Institute for Family Center for Learning offers holistic training for parent enrichment and professional development

The Center for Learning is a dynamic initiative designed to revolutionize family well-being through inclusive learning modules. Tailored for families, child welfare professionals, family service experts, and advocates, this platform offers learner-driven courses that encourage constructive family involvement and equitable practices.

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Flexibility for on-demand learning

Asynchronous, on-demand courses provide the flexibility to explore topics at one’s own pace, fostering reflection and transforming perspectives on issues that impact families.


Dive into authentic family narratives, engage in stimulating discussions, and access resources within our carefully curated courses that fill vital training gaps.


Designed based on data from families and professionals, the courses cater to a diverse audience, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of various perspectives.

Child welfare professionals, family service practitioners, and individuals engaged in direct professional interactions with children and families are invited to explore the Center for Learning. Participate in courses that encourage introspective analyses of their scope of practice, fostering a nuanced understanding of the families and communities within their purview.

The Center for Learning is a game-changer for child welfare and family services. It gives professionals the tools they need to become catalysts for positive transformation within the families and communities under their care. The “Danger of a Single Story” module prompts learners to reflect on the impact personal biases can have on professional care.  The delivery and content are designed to bring about positive change and encourage them to have deeper connections with the communities they serve.

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Explore the Center for Learning courses here and become a champion for positive change in family well-being.

Explore the Center for Learning

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The Light Lab demystifies child welfare conversations and family well-being topics

The Light Lab is an innovative online hub within the Institute for Family, dedicated to unraveling child welfare topics and igniting conversations on family well-being. It serves as a resourceful platform, simplifying complex topics and promoting informed discussions.


User-Friendly Resources

Navigate our user-friendly resources designed to simplify complex topics and promote informed discussions.

Light Papers

Explore our Light Papers, offering opportunities for readers to delve into research and personal stories for a broader perspective. Each Light Paper is a comprehensive guide to a child welfare topic that profoundly influences family well-being.

Resource Link Library

The knowledge hub provides insights and tools to equip individuals with the resources needed to drive positive transformations.

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The Light Lab is a beacon of knowledge and insight for the field of child welfare and family services. It bridges the gap between lived experiences and high-level issues, offering a unique fusion of storytelling, research, and actionable insights.

Ready to illuminate paths to a brighter future for families? Enter the Light Lab, explore complex topics, and contribute to meaningful conversations that drive positive change in family well-being.

Explore the Light Lab

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Child welfare professionals, policymakers, advocates, educators, and anyone passionate about family well-being are invited to step into the Light Lab. Explore Light Papers, inform meaningful conversations, and share your ideas on future Light Paper topics to contribute to positive change.

The Institute for Family invites professionals, advocates, and families to join us on this exciting journey towards positive change in family well-being. Embrace the transformative power of education and knowledge as we collectively work towards creating a world where every child can grow up in a safe, loving, and nurturing family environment.

Explore the Center for Learning and the Light Lab, and let’s shape a brighter future for families together!

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