Embracing Family Narratives Through Storytelling

The Institute for Family is on a mission to hear from North Carolina residents about life and community relationships across the state. Join us in this storytelling adventure and share your stories in the Shine on North Carolina campaign.

We are partnering with StoryCorps Studios to learn directly from North Carolina Families what they need to be happy, healthy, safe, and thriving in today’s world. Visit the StoryCorps website to get started with sharing your story.

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North Carolina Community Stories

Hear from North Carolina residents about their life experiences in their communities. Click the profile photos to hear their stories. These recordings are produced by Institute for Family, using interviews recorded by StoryCorps, a national nonprofit whose mission is to illuminate the humanity and possibility in us all. Go to the StoryCorps website to record your story for the Shine on North Carolina campaign.

Meet Clara Marts

Meet Kim Lewter, Sebrina Cooke-Davis, and DraShonta Brinson

Meet Titus Hopper

About the Recording Process

Record your story from the comfort of your space.

Ready to capture your conversation? Jump into the StoryCorps Virtual Recording Booth, where you can choose to be together or miles apart. Sign up for a free StoryCorps account, then dive into the booth and hit “Start Recording Audio” to kick off your chat. Once you’re done sharing stories, you’ll have the chance to save your recording and become part of the Institute for Family Collection in the StoryCorps Archive.

How are stories used

Rest assured, your recordings won’t be used for any commercial or advertising purposes. With your approval, your stories might be a feature in data visualizations, on Institute for Family webpages, or in our Center for Learning training content, adding depth and lived experience voice to our projects.

Your completed interview will automatically join the StoryCorps archive’s Institute for Family collection. Plus, you’ll have full control over its privacy settings, whether you prefer to share it publicly or keep it exclusively for other StoryCorps archive users, with the flexibility to delete or record new interviews anytime. Adjusting privacy settings is just a click away whenever you need it.

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