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Holistic training for parent enrichment and professional development.

About the Center for Learning Courses

The Institute for Family Center for Learning provides inclusive learning modules that promote family well-being through family-centered practice and equitable practices. Tailored for all families, child welfare professionals, family service experts, and advocates, our learnerdriven courses encourage constructive family involvement and equity.

Asynchronous, on-demand courses give learners the flexibility to explore courses on their own terms. Child welfare training isn’t just about learning, but also about reflection and transforming perspectives on issues that impact families. Dive into authentic family narratives, engage in stimulating discussions, and access resources within our Center for Learning courses. Click the button below to open our learning platform and get started today.

Professional Development

Our courses empower learning by providing in-depth insights and equipping you with the perspective and resources necessary to support family well-being.

Learner-Driven and Asynchronous

Each course optimizing engagement. Each lesson plan allow learners to manage content at their pace, ideal for busy schedules.

Informed Course Design

Course design is based on data from families and professionals, filling vital training gaps. Our courses also curate authentic stories for deeper learning.

Insightful and on-demand engagement for everyone

Learn how our courses can help you better serve children and families.

Professionals Who Serve Children and Families

The Center for Learning extends an invitation to child welfare professionals, family service practitioners, and individuals engaged in direct professional interactions with children and families. Our courses encourage introspective analyses of their scope of practice, fostering a nuanced understanding of the families and communities within their purview. The “Be the Change” module prompts users to reflect on becoming catalysts for positive transformation within the families and communities under their care. 

Child Advocates and Family Advocates

Courses within the Center for Learning serve as resources for advocates. This diverse cohort includes volunteers closely aligned with children and families, individuals representing families, and decision-makers shaping policies affecting family welfare, such as councils, boards, commissions, and community-led groups. Our courses empower advocates through professional development, prompting a reflective examination of the impact their advocacy and work have on families. Participation in our courses ensures advocates hear, see, and empathetically understand the voices of diverse individuals within the communities they serve.


The Center for Learning welcomes families of varied compositions and diversities. Join enriching courses designed to promote family well-being. Our interactive and professionally curated courses provide formal insights and resources to support family well-being, available on demand. Families are invited to explore best practices for family preservation, gain understanding of policies influencing children and families, and stay informed about formal changes in laws that may impact family well-being. Join us formally to interact, learn, and enhance your understanding of how to foster a formal and thriving family environment.

Center for Learning Course Library

Danger of a Single Story

Course Audience: Professionals, Advocates
Course Topics: Bias, Child Welfare

Discover the transformative power of breaking stereotypes in this one-hour training. Users will evaluate the implications of implicit bias and explore opportunities to serve families with individualized attention. Gain strategies to foster equity, strengthen relationships, and enhance cultural sensitivity with service to families. Join us to make a profound impact on family well-being, one interaction at a time.

Poverty versus Neglect in North Carolina

Course Audience: Advocates, Families
Course Topics: Maltreatment, Mandated Reporting, Neglect, Poverty

Explore the intersection of poverty and neglect in this one-hour training. Review the historical context of various systemic issues. See how neglect thresholds impact family well-being. Review the complexities of identifying maltreatment, poverty, and neglect in North Carolina. Join us in evaluating the effect these situations have on family wellbeing.

Poverty Microlearning Course Graphic

Understanding poverty – microlearning course

Course Audience: Advocates, Families
Course Topics: Maltreatment, Mandated Reporting, Neglect, Poverty

Learn about poverty and neglect in this concise microlearning session. Unpack systemic issues and historical contexts in just one hour. Gain insights into how neglect thresholds affect child welfare. Assess the complexities of identifying maltreatment, poverty, and neglect. Join us to analyze the impact of these dynamics on family well-being.