About Us

Promoting Well-Being for All Families

We recognize the foundational role that family plays in the lives of individuals, communities, and society. This is why we advocate for the well-being of all families. This is why we celebrate family in its many different forms.

In our current times, we also recognize that too many families are facing challenging conditions that can lead to the stress and circumstances that put them at risk. We know that not all families have what they need to thrive. As a result, agencies, organizations, and communities are supporting practical and novel ways to support families. Family well-being as a concept is a holistic, preventative approach to ensuring families have what they deem necessary to raise happy and healthy children, as well as stay together and thrive.

At the Institute for Family, our approach to investing in family well-being includes family-centered education, policy advocacy that supports all families, and amplifying voices with lived expertise on child welfare involvement and systems that impact families most.

Children’s Home Society of North Carolina

The Institute for Family is a program of the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina. Grounded in the Children’s Home Society’s mission and belief in family, the Institute is a national effort that builds on the organization’s 120-year history of providing direct services for families associated with the child welfare system.

The Institute works to raise awareness on the broad conditions affecting families, celebrate families for their strength and resilience, and promote equitable, family-centered solutions that elevate family well-being.

By leveraging our existing relationships with families and national partners, we aim to promote family as the foundation for creating safe, happy, and healthy communities. Our goal is to promote equitable opportunities that support all families in thriving. We are excited to collaborate with families and organizations to learn learn together and elevate family well-being.

Our Work

Family-Centered and Evidence-Based Education and Training

Elevate your understanding of family dynamics, child welfare, and well-being through our Center for Learning training programs. Dive into our on-demand training courses and educational resources, available for parent enrichment and family service professional development. From engaging webinars to immersive workshops, the Center for Learning content is carefully curated and developed to merge practical knowledge with innovative and insightful research. Stay at the forefront of service to families by utilizing our family-centered content. Learn more →

Promoting Equitable Service to All Families

Explore our commitment to promoting equitable service through a rich array of resources. The Light Lab demystifies child welfare topics, while our resource link library and conversation hub provide valuable insights. Engage with policy analyses on child welfare topics and join our advocacy efforts supporting policies that benefit all families. At the Institute for Family, we believe in continuous learning from every experience. By fostering an inclusive environment, we aim to contribute to a more supportive space for families of all backgrounds. Learn more → 

Learning From and Celebrating Family Through Storytelling

Immerse yourself in the power of storytelling with our unique offerings. The Seen Out Loud podcast delves into discussions on child welfare and family well-being with valuable insights on how we can work in communities and across systems to help families thrive. Experience the beauty of family and celebrate their triumphs and resiliency through our short films, capturing diverse perspectives and narratives. Our audio stories bring various family topics to life, celebrating the resilience and diversity within every family. Join us in the celebration of family stories and explore the rich tapestry that defines the essence of family. Learn more →

Our Partners

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“As child welfare leaders, we are great at talking about what we do, but are we asking families what they need us to do? The Institute for Family is going to ask this question, giving us invaluable insight into what families need to thrive.”

– Mike Shaver, President/CEO of Children’s Home and Aid