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Introducing the Institute for Family

We recognize the important role that family plays in the lives of individuals, communities, and society. This is why we stand with families, for families. This is why we celebrate family in its many different forms. 

In our current times, we also recognize that too many families are facing challenging conditions that can lead to the stress and circumstances that put them at risk for child welfare intervention.  We know that not all families have what they need to thrive. As a result, the movement to promote attainable well-being for all families is happening and gaining momentum. Family well-being as a concept is a holistic, preventative approach to ensuring families have the opportunities they need to raise healthy children free from neglect and maltreatment, as well as stay together and thrive.

The Institute for Family exists to elevate and accelerate the family well-being movement. We believe this starts with listening to families, trusting their lived expertise, and working with them to inform and inspire a new way forward.




  • Inspiring champions for family through family stories. We believe stories have the power to unite us, spark ideas, and motivate us to create change. Therefore, we provide a safe space for all kinds of families to share their authentic stories and celebrate their strength. We showcase these real-life experiences through videos, articles, and more.
  • Advancing the development of a family well-being system, to supplement and reduce the need for a child welfare system. Leveraging the insights of families and professionals with lived experience with the system, we create informative online content, including podcasts and other multimedia platforms that make the future of a family well-being system feel more possible. Additionally, we highlight the innovative work of individuals and organizations already making strides towards a family well-being system. We partner with them and amplify their efforts so others can learn from their experiences.



The Institute for Family was founded by Children’s Home Society of North Carolina and is grounded in its mission and belief in family. The Institute is a national effort that capitalizes on Children Home Society’s 120-year history of providing direct services for families associated with the child welfare system. The Institute’s impact will extend beyond the limits of traditional programs to address the broader conditions facing families that lead to child maltreatment. The Institute will build on our existing relationships with families and national partners to establish a coalition to promote family as the foundation for a healthy society.

Together, we are excited to help ignite a movement to elevate family well-being, creating opportunities for all families to thrive.

Our Partners

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“As child welfare leaders, we are great at talking about what we do, but are we asking families what they need us to do? The Institute for Family is going to ask this question, giving us invaluable insight into what families need to thrive.”

– Mike Shaver, President/CEO of Children’s Home and Aid