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At the Institute for Family, we believe family is the foundation for healthy children and strong communities. So, when families are at their strongest, everyone benefits. Therefore, we are part of a growing movement to promote family well-being, ensuring all families have the opportunities they need to thrive. Our approach →

Join us in our mission as we listen to families, hear their authentic stories, and learn from their expertise. Help us create a future that strengthens and celebrates family.


Social Capital

Social Capital

Through the experiences of Colby and Dory, we see the role that supportive relationships, or social capital, can play in a family’s path to well-being. Both mothers witness self-transformation when they join a community-based program that offers young people networks of social support.

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The Unlearning of Child Welfare




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How investing in families starts with shifting perspectives challenging traditions, and imagining bold solutions


This award-winning film follows Mandy and Raif as they age out of America’s foster care system and impact the system that raised them. For access to this inspiring film, subscribe to our mailing list and watch the full documentary on our website.

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