Family Champion Awards

Celebrating advocates that go the extra mile for families.


Join us on April 26 at the Duke Endowment in Charlotte, NC, for an afternoon dedicated to celebrating the essence of family. The Family Champion Awards will be an intimate yet impactful gathering of family service professionals and advocates. The 2024 theme  will be “Honoring Family Champions in Stories and Spoken Word.” Join us as we delve into the heartwarming narratives of North Carolina’s families through spoken word performances and storytelling sessions. We will honor social workers through Family Champion Awards, celebrating professionals who go the extra mile to support their communities and support family well-being for all.


The Family Champion Awards will celebrate social workers, in various industries, across North Carolina who go the extra mile for families. Each awardee receives recognition at the luncheon, including a $150 cash prize. Sponsored by the Institute for Family at CHSNC, this event honors those who strengthen, build, and advocate for families. Their dedication forms the backbone of every resilient family. Be part of this inspiring occasion as we celebrate their invaluable contributions.


Nominations will be collected on February 21, 2024, through April 7, 2024. Anyone can nominate a social worker to win the Family Champion Awards!

The awards selection committee consists of members from the Institute for Family, UNC School of Social Work, and other awards stakeholders. Family Champion Award winners will be announced at the awards luncheon on April 26. Meet the 2023 winners in our article reviewing their passion and commitment to families.

If you have questions about the Family Champion Awards, please contact the Institute for Family team at


Anyone can nominate a social worker. Click here to get started. The 2024 Family Champion Awards welcome nominations of all social workers! Eligible award recipients include practitioners working in various settings such as:

  1. Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  2. Schools and educational institutions
  3. Nonprofit organizations and community agencies
  4. Mental health clinics and counseling centers
  5. Child welfare and foster care agencies
  6. Substance abuse treatment centers
  7. Correctional facilities and reentry programs
  8. Aging and eldercare services
  9. Disability advocacy and support organizations
  10. Homeless shelters and housing assistance programs

These social work field examples showcase the diverse range of settings where social workers make a difference in the lives of families. Nominations are open to professionals who demonstrate a commitment to family support and community advocacy through their work.


Before you begin your nomination for the Family Champion Awards, here’s a checklist of information you’ll need:

  1. Nominator contact information.
  2. Nominee contact information
  3. Counties served by nominee.
  4. Brief specific identified case demonstrating the nominee’s commitment to family.
  5. Description of how the nominee’s commitment to family inspires others.
  6. Nominee LinkedIn profile link (if available).
  7. Additional nominee information: resume, biography, additional relevant information (if available).

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