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Light Papers are designed for a diverse readershipspanning child welfare professionals, policymakers, advocates, educators, and anyone with a passion for family well-being. These papers represent a unique fusion of storytelling, research, and actionable insights.

Each Light Paper is a comprehensive guide to a child welfare topic that profoundly influences family well-being. It begins with a family perspective, bridging the gap between lived experiences and high-level issues. In addition, Light Papers offer critical contextual information and practical next step takeaways

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Lightbulb Moment: The Time is Now to Re-Evaluate Mandated Reporting Procedures

Delve into the complexities of mandated reporting in our article. We focus on CAPTA to explore the idea of how policies may inadvertently harm families, offering insights
into alternative approaches like ‘mandatory supporter.’ We advocate for evidence-based strategies to enhance child welfare, inviting collaboration towards impactful change.

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Light Paper: Addiction

Dive into the complexities of addiction, challenging stigmas and shedding light on racial disparities. This exploration reveals alarming statistics on substance use disorders, emphasizing the urgency for evidence-based interventions. Personal stories underscore the importance of empathy, fostering a shift towards preventive solutions. Discover resources and support for those navigating the challenges of addiction in North Carolina.

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Lightbulb Moment: Benefits of Budgeting for Families

In recent years, amid the reality of many US Americans living paycheck to paycheck, managing financial control through budgeting and financial literacy has been a priority. Budgeting involves tracking monthly income and expenditures i.e. rent, mortgage, utilities, and car payments. Whether through an app, spreadsheet, or notebook, budgeting raises awareness of spending habits and reveals opportunities for improved money management. Though finances can be overwhelming, budgeting can provide families with a sense of control and financial empowerment.

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Light Paper: Poverty Versus Neglect In North Carolina

This Light Paper issue reviews neglect criteria. See the impact of prioritizing family support over separation. This issue reviews differences in monitoring and reporting in child welfare. Explore practical steps that promote fairness and kindness while protecting children from harm and helping families.

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Places in Need: The Changing Georgraphy of Poverty by Scott W. Allard

Broke in America: Seeing, Understanding, and Ending U.S. Poverty by Joanne Samuel Goldblum and Colleen Shaddox

Invisible Child: Poverty, Survival, and Hope in an American City by Andrea Elliott