Family Insight Survey for North Carolina Residents

Share your perspectives on the quality of life for North Carolina families.

About The Survey

We surveyed hundreds of North Carolina residents about family life in their community for the Family Insight Survey. This initiative aims to review the diverse experiences of North Carolina residents to gain a comprehensive understanding of community life.

We’re eager to uncover the nuances of life for residents in your community–from the support you feel to the challenges you face.



How The Survey Results Will Be Used In North Carolina

Participation in the Family Insight Survey transcends the act of sharing your experiences; it becomes a catalyst for positive change in North Carolina. The insights gathered from this survey will play a pivotal role in shaping the strategies and policies that communities and organizations employ to support families.

By sharing your voice, North Carolina residents have contributed to a dynamic mosaic that influences how North Carolinians collaborate across systems. Their feedback will inform the creation of effective support structures for families, fostering thriving communities throughout the state. A dashboard will be created in spring 2024 to share survey results, resources, and stories for local families.


Institute for Family and StoryCorps Studios

The Institute for Family’s collaboration with StoryCorps Studios focuses on creating a compelling collection of stories centered around well-being for North Carolina families. Our shared goal is to glean insights directly from the diverse tapestry of North Carolina’s communities, understanding firsthand what individuals and families need and are doing in their everyday lives to thrive in their community. 

With participants’ consent, the recorded conversations will become part of the StoryCorps archive at the Library of Congress, preserving these valuable narratives for generations to come. This partnership invites North Carolina families to share their stories, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives that contribute to the state’s rich cultural fabric. Learn more about this process on the Shine on North Carolina campaign webpage.

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