From Place to Place

Follow two plucky underdogs as they set out to change the system that raised them. Join our mailing list to watch this inspiring feature documentary for free.


When a temporary system becomes permanent 

The award-winning film “From Place to Place” tells the story of children who grow up in America’s foster care system and ultimately age out of this system. Join our mailing list to watch this inspiring feature documentary for free.

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The power of their voices in “From Place to Place” set in motion a chain of events that will lead to comprehensive reformto America’s foster care system.

Story untold

Never given a reason to believe in themselves, they have no idea what effect their stories will have.

Statistics to names

By looking at the effects on a few individuals, the film makes the problems real.


The second half of the film takes an unexpected turn when Mandy and Raif are invited to Washington, DC to testify to the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth.

Lived expertise

At the caucus event, Raif and Mandy talk about their foster care experiences and ideas for how the system can change.

Chasing change

Mandy and Raif continue spreading their message, which leads to efforts to radically reform America’s foster care system.

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