Introduction Series

Advancing child and family well-being starts with usworking and standing with families and creating transformative change.

Watch the webinar series that pushed the conversation around family well-being forward. Learn more here →

EPISODE 1 | The Why

Why should we create a child and family well-being system?

EPISODE 2 | The How

What are people already doing to create a child and family well-being?

EPISODE 3 | The Now

What will an equitable foster care experience look like going forward?


In Families

Two-part Webinar Series

How investing in families starts with shifting perspectives, challenging traditions, and imagining bold solutions.

EPISODE 1 | The Economics of Family Well-being
EPISODE 2 | Bold Actions for Big Change 


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Phenomenal job; helping to shift paradigms is an undertaking, seems like your Institute and assembled panelists are heavy lifters and carry the right sensibilities to lead the way.

It’s refreshing to bear witness to honest and brave dialogue about how we can do better. I appreciated the apparent thoughtfulness and effort put in to make this a meaningful conversation.

The ideas of agencies collaborating with each other for the well-being of all families. We all want to do better in our field and are exhausted with the loop holes that don’t allow us to help families until it is too late.

I was very heartened to learn that there are many in the field who align with my beliefs, supported by evidence, that the child welfare system needs serious reforms in order to truly serve the needs of children and families. I have felt for many years that it was “taboo” to express grave reservations in professional circles about the system and how it operates. Thank you.

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